A little more than 20 questions, Part 1

Thanks to all who took time out to post a question! I’m actually surprised they are as tame as they are. Below are answers to some – I’ve been super busy so I just decided to post what I’ve answered thus far and I’ll finish the rest this week. I’ve copied the questions directly from the comments to the original post, and bold and italicized them to make it a little easier to read. I did not edit the questions for spelling or grammar (as much as I REALLY wanted to). If my responses pass muster, perhaps this is something I’ll do regularly. Here ya go…

How old and tall are you?

I just turned 45 a few weeks ago. And I’m basically a smidge over 5′.

Do u like riding on motorcycles?

Slowly around a rural area, I would let someone take me for a ride. But otherwise, I like living too much. My first husband had one (a sport bike, not a cruising bike) and I wanted to say the rosary every time he rode it (which if you keep reading, you will learn JUST how anxiety-ridden I had to have been to want to do that).

What characteristic of a guy makes you weak in the knees? Which makes you immediately walk away? Is there one that makes your heart say yes, even though your brain says no?

Weak in the knees: brains, hands-down. An intellectually stimulating and educated man is my Achilles heel for sure. I remember sitting across the table from a guy once by whom I was intimidated intellectually and I was absolutely mesmerized by him. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, WATCH OUT.

Walk away: Bigots, chauvinists, and anybody incapable of being open-minded.

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Is this a creative way to ask me what my favorite movie is? Or are you another of my dad’s co-workers who found me online LOL? It could go either way!

Do you consider someone calling you a MILF a compliment or an insult?

I’d say it’s essentially a compliment.

Has your son walked in you having sex? If not what is the most #sh!tshow that has happened while having sex?

I don’t have a son; I have two daughters, and thankfully, no. But that’s because I lock my doors on the rare occasion someone is in my bed when they’re home. Funny enough, the one place I tend to have my shit together is in the bedroom, so I can’t say that I have any real shitshow stories like that. The shitshow is usually in the WHO I end up sleeping with, not the how.

Kind of piggybacking off of other questions, but…What is your dream job/profession?

If money (or talent) were not an issue, I’d say writing or doing photography. But I’m a very outgoing person (shocker, I know), so it would have to allow me the opportunity to interact with people (kind of like this I guess). Maybe the next Dear Abby?

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Bad spelling/grammar followed closely by not returning carts to the cart return in parking lots. And one from social media in particular: asking me a question about a picture that makes it clear you did not read A SINGLE WORD in the post itself. I actually take time thinking of witty things to say when I post stuff. Hashtags are like Cliffnotes, please use them.

I know you’re not supposed to bring up religion or politics on a first date but…What are your thoughts on religion?

I was raised mostly Catholic but my step-father is Jewish so we celebrated both holidays from the time I was about 8 years old. I also attended 12 years of Catholic school which I affectionately refer to as my “penance.” My kids were baptized Catholic, mostly because I was sick of hearing my mom call me a heathen, but we do not belong to a church, and I don’t really believe in organized religion. I respect that people find comfort in their faith; I’ve just never been one who’s been able to give myself over like that. I do however believe that there is a force greater than we are, but you don’t need to go to church (or synagogue or a mosque) to appreciate it. I can sit and watch the sun set over the ocean, or watch my special needs daughter read a book to her sister and me, and know that something truly miraculous is happening and that I’m blessed to be part of it.

Hypothetically speaking, if you invited me over for dinner what would you cook? Or order, if you can’t cook?

I’m Italian. Of course I can cook. I just don’t do it often. I guess it depends on your taste. I’d probably make brisket, or pasta with homemade gravy (which is the only way to refer to pasta sauce as far as I’m concerned).

What are the first 3 things you notice about the opposite sex?

Face (eyes, smile)

Build (height, weight)

Hair (or lack thereof)

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? (Skinny dip, flash, base jump, read the ending of a book first. etc.)

I’m not really an adrenaline junkie. But I did have sex on the shoulder of the PA turnpike in broad daylight once (with both of us mostly outside of the car). And once in the dressing room at Bloomingdale’s. And once in the middle of a hotel hallway. And…

OK, so maybe I take that first sentence back…

What’s your perfect lazy day with a future mate?

That would depend on the season. But I’ve had two days in the last year or so that would qualify as about as perfect as you could get so probably a version of those. One was a summer afternoon swimming, sunning and having drinks by the pool with nobody else really around but us followed by a ton of sex and some glorious naps once we finished at the pool. If I could switch that to the beach, then it would be truly perfect. The second was a winter day lying around mostly naked on the couch, having a few drinks and watching movies/sports in between lots of sex. We may or may not have eaten some food.  The only thing I’d add to that would be snow and a fire. So season notwithstanding, the prerequisites are obviously booze, sex and napping.

Do you believe in regret and if so what is something that you would change if you had the ability to do so?

I don’t really believe in regret, no. While there are some decisions in my life that were definitely questionable, and some things I wish had gone differently, the truth is I am the person I am today because of all of those decisions. And since I kind of really dig the person I am, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Who is your favorite Philadelphia flyer?

Sadly, I haven’t had one since the LeClair/Lindros era.

What was the size of your boobs before they were enhanced?

I’ve had big tits my whole life.

You get a lot of comments about the sexy pictures you post online. In your opinion what constitutes a good or welcome comment and what type of responses leave you rolling your eyes or worse?

I sort of answered this down below in more detail, but the comments I find the most entertaining are the witty/funny ones. When I laugh audibly at a comment, it’s fanfuckingtastic.

Can we just snuggle up on the couch and watch cheesy romantic comedies with your favorite wine and just enjoy each other’s drunken company again?

Ha! That was when white was still my preferred wine! Miss your face, friend!

You use a lot of metaphors in your writings. Do you find this blog to be a good avenue for your self expression??Is it an emotional safety valve??

I’m not sure why my writing is so metaphor-laden. I guess it’s a way of trying to help people who don’t get me, get me. As for self-expression, I’ve always written in some fashion, but mostly in a style like the first piece I posted on Mother’s Day. I’ve been writing as Quinn for about 4.5 years, and have a bunch of little vignettes all in that same style. So while writing has always been an emotional outlet for me, “comedic” writing (if  you can call any of what I’ve written comedy) is a totally new means of self-expression.  It’s hard, but I’m enjoying it (that’s what she said…)

Real question. Why get mad at guys that throw themselves at you when you taunt? Obviously your hoping for a reaction, not understanding why you’d be OK with one reply, but not the other.

I’m not sure what a fake question would be so I don’t know why you prefaced your question with that. And truthfully I don’t know what you’re actually referring to with respect to variances in my responses to people’s replies. So let me clear up some things and maybe that will somehow answer your question. I don’t do anything hoping for a reaction. I am not insecure nor am I seeking any kind of attention so there’s no taunting in my posts. They’re flirtatious because that’s actually my personality, not because I’m looking for anything in return. I started posting pictures as a challenge to myself as a woman over 40. The impetus was a friend who suggested I should submit a picture to theCHIVE. So I did. And when it ended up in one of their galleries, I decided to see what else I was capable of doing. It’s very easy to take your clothes off. It’s a lot harder to walk right up to the the line of taking your clothes off and dance all over it, but not cross it.

As for my replies, I have a lot of people I’ve become friendly with on social media, and sometimes I respond to their comments more enthusiastically than others because we know each other or there’s a history or backstory to one of their comments. I’m also smart, and I like smart people. So while I appreciate each and every compliment I receive, I really enjoy witty responses over purely sexual or simple complimentary ones. Anyone can say I have nice tits, but saying it in a unique or entertaining way takes some skill, and I appreciate the effort. That being said, I know what I do opens me up to crass comments, and I’m fine with them as long as they’re not degrading or otherwise offensive.

How do stop the urge to want to beat the hell out of these ignorant people that ask you stupid questions? You have the right to post whatever you want and then people think it is OK to say obscene things to you. Do they forget that something people do/ say are not things that should be said to anyone, let alone a lady?

Just like assholes, people will always have opinions. Some people were just raised better, are more educated, more tolerant, or don’t live in their mom’s basement…Like I said above, and have said many times before online, I know posting the pictures I post invites a certain level of crass commentary, and I’m OK with that. What I’m not OK with are the people who think posting what I post makes me a certain kind of person. If you pay close enough attention, I rarely get angry with people’s responses. The exception is when someone thinks I’m a whore or have daddy issues or am insecure because I post scantily-clad pictures of myself. That’s way too close to a rape-culture mentality for me and beyond infuriating.

Newsflash: I post scantily-clad pictures of myself BECAUSE. I. CAN.

Will the full contents of you Dropbox ever be shared publicly? (Wishful thinking!!)On another note, on your Snapchat you post a lot about music. What was the best concert you’ve been to? Who do you want to see live next?

That Dropbox would make me a pretty penny if I ever decided to say fuck it all and go for it. So the answer is never LOL.

Music is such an emotional experience for me that it’s hard to say what’s been the best concert. It depends a lot on where I was in my head or what was going on in my life at that moment. I’ve seen so many shows and each one has left its mark on me for a different reason.

I just snapped this morning that I would LOVE to see Journey live. I know it’s not the original band, but from what I’ve heard, they’re pretty fucking phenomenal.

If you could have a perfect day desribe what it would be???

A day at the beach with my girls and the guy who is madly in love with me (this is fantasy, right?) playing and swimming with nobody fighting or throwing sand (them or us!). While the kids go back to get washed up for dinner, he and I stick around since my favorite time at the beach is 5-6 p.m. We’d go for a walk and maybe I’d take some pictures. We’d probably nap a bit. Then we’d head back to shower (outdoors of course) and make dinner, which we’d all eat al fresco* at the house we’ve rented which for sure has a view of the beach. We’d spend the next few hours with friends/family, eating and drinking until sunset, and then all go watch fireworks on the beach together. After the kids went to bed, we’d sit outside, first on the patio around a fire pit and then on the balcony off the master bedroom, and just enjoy the sounds of the nearby ocean with more drinks. And then we’d stay up way too late banging, and at some point between orgasms, I’d get my back tickled/scratched.


*The American version of the phrase, meaning “in the cool air” not the actual Italian meaning of spending time in jail (who knew!) or the urban dictionary version meaning going commando.

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